Handcrafted Bags

For decades, the artisans from Maria Oliver have pushed their ambition and unique skills to elevate this unparalleled material to its pinnacle.

They have traveled the world to find the finest skins from the most remote places in the world in a quest for perfection, which led them to work for the finest and most famous fashion houses.

The creation process for every single piece is arduous, including a total of more than 300 steps, every one of them critical in order to get nothing but a timeless piece. At the beginning it is key, not just selecting the best pieces, but also understanding every skin to decide which is more suitable for every style, finish and the precise match with other ones to show continuity in the pieces.

Craftsmanship is a real value for Maria Oliver, which has developed new techniques to offer exclusive colors, tones and finishing. Its artisans have created new and iconic alternatives, such Matte, Shiny, Metallic, Hand Painted and the unrivalled Mirrored, which do not go unnoticed on any occasion. A meticulous research for specific procedures and new techniques coming from other domains have been carried out to make the best out from every piece and offer a distinctive and timeless luxury icon.

The patina that every piece will be getting with age, will show the personal story of every bag, which will be just taking care of it for the next generation.