About Us

Maria Oliver was born in 1917 in Valencia,

Next to the Mediterranean Sea, in one of the most turbulent moments in the history of the country. She began her artistic career at her father’s smithy company where she discovered and refined her innate talent for drawing and architecture travelling across Europe.

Maria Oliver is the outcome of more than eighty years of unrelentless passion for details, of eight decades of an obsession with luxury. And that luxury is created in the Spanish city of Valencia.

We create luxury bags for women who dare to define themselves.

We create bags for fearless women, as was our founder, the very first Maria Oliver, a fearless and brave woman whose mark is imprinted in bags all over the world, those belonging to the most prestigious luxury brands.

We treasure our founder’s unwavering originality and vision, Maria Oliver, the cherished grandmother of today’s generation of luxury bag creators. We take pride in carrying the torch of what she taught us, generation after generation. We exult in creating luxury bags by echoing her enduring passion for elegance and delicacy.

When you own a Maria,
you become part of its history and unique reborn elegance.